Sara Kieffer
Creative Director

Sara is an artist and visionary specialised in the field of visual-communication and spatial design. Sara has over 10 years experience as a creative director working with various creativstudios in Paris, Berlin and Zurich before co-founding the ideamanufactory and virtual gallery 697 THz. Sara fell into web3 in 2020 after creating a virtual fundraising exhibition in collaboration with the photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman. Subsequently Sara immediately began to understand the infinite possibilities this new world offers.

Lucien Mike Woodtli
Brand Designer

Lucien is a multidsiciplinary creator who worked for creativeagencies in Berlin and Zurich including Publicis Group, Virtue by Vice and FCB. Lucien's interest in subcultures led him to various collaborations with international brands and renown artists before co-founding the ideamanufactory and virtual gallery 697 THz. After discovering web3 Lucien's mind was blown away by seeing the stream of web3s potential to interleave communities with creativity and storytelling to create innovative experiences.

Timon Oberholzer
Product Lead

Timon is an enterpreneur and expert in digital products with a degree in business administration from St.Gallen university in Switzerland. He has deep knowledge from working in different fields such as user experience design, advertising and he has co-founded several companies. As a student of web3 Timon researches at the intersection between virtual products and immersive experiences exploring web3s-rabbitholes on the quest to develop something extraordinary.

Marie Griesmar
IRL Productdesign Lead

Marie is an artist and material specialist, whose artistic research and practice have been focused on aquatic ecology for more than 7 years. She understands the behavior of clay like no other and ensures that the design of the rrreefs system fits its purpose. As co-founder of rrreefs, Marie leads product development and design, marketing, and public relations.


Dr. Ulrike Pfreundt
IRL Scientific Strategy

Ulrike is an expert in tropical ocean ecosystems, with a PhD in Microbial Oceanography and Genetics. She has developed and led scientific projects in the lab and in the field for more than 10 years. Ulrike is a co-founder of rrreefs an eth zurich spin-off that rebuilds coral reef structures to regenerate reef life and restore coastel protection capacity. At rrreefs Ulrike is responsible for scientific strategy and business development.

Hanna Kuhfuss
IRL Field Operations Lead

Hanna is a marine scientist who worked for different green and social start-ups and NGOs in the field of ecosystem protection and applied marine sciences. As an advanced scientific diver with over 8 years experience in ecosystem conservation and restoration, Hanna is a co-founder of rrreefs and leads rrreefs field operations.

Josephine Graf
IRL Head Of Partnerships

Josephine has a background in International Relations with a focus on climate politics. Having worked both in the private and public sector, she has gained first-hand insights into sustainability consulting and international cooperation. At rrreefs, Josephine is driving partnership engagement and business development opportunities.