The first drop of RRREEF_RESILIENCE is all about corals. They are the foundation for all life in and around the reef and form the first line of resilience. These corals start turning the digital reef into a beautiful living structure reflecting the real resurrection of a reef.
All traits are linked to rarities and are randomized over the 2'500 unique tokens in this collection.

Benefits for impact makers / token holders

  • You directly support the reefs of our world and the implementation of our vision
  • You become part of a global community of innovation-driven ocean lovers
  • If you hold 5 corals on MAI 15th 2023: free AIRDROP of the REEF_TOKEN. You will get the full digital reef which will continue growing in your wallet
  • Real life experiences and more web3 specials will be unlocked after the coral collection is sold out
  • Each coral is part of a guild (R1, R2, R3, E4, E5, F6, S7). A BIG real world surprise awaits if you hold one coral of each guild
  • There are 50 resilient mutant corals with silver blings: if you have one, your name will forever be 3D-printed into a real reef brick in Ecuador, and have corals growing on it
  • AIRDROPS of web3.0artist-collabs, special reef animals will appear in the next drop

design notes

Breaking the boundaries between nature and the digital space by interleaving the mesmerizing shapes of the underwater realm with gamelike features stood at the center of RRREEF_RESILIENCE’s design idea. This design approach brought a vaste variety of traits to life with six hand-drawn coral bodyshapes at its center, resulting in 2500 unique corals. In addition a immersive digital reef was sculpted where these unique corals can find a home.

Creative Director 3D
Lucien Mike Woodtli
Brand Designer
Experience Designer
Lead 3D Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
Web3.0 Artist